Building Specifications


1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


Midtown Manhattan, in Rockefeller Center on Sixth Avenue

Year Built

1972; Renovated 2016


Harrison & Abromovitz & Harris

Building Measurements

Size 2.6MM rsf
Site 103,000 sf (2 acres)
Height 674’
Frontage ~200’ on Sixth
~500’ on W 48th
~525’ on W 49th


51 floors above grade
5 floors below grade

Base Floor 2: ~40,000 rsf
Base Floors 3-7: ~80,000 rsf
Tower Floors 8-50: ~48,000 rsf

Floor Loading

50-150 lbs. live load

Slab-to-Slab Height

Base Floor 2: 17’
Base Floors 3-7: 12’-4’’
Tower Floors 8-48: 12’
Tower Floors 49-50: 18’-19’-1″
Plaza Level: 13’-1″
LL 2: 13
LL 3: 23’-2″
LL 4: 20’-1″
LL 5: 13’-1″


Steel framed with cellular steel flooring and composite concrete deck

Typical Dimensions

Window Module: 2’-10.5’’
Column Spacing (W-E): 30’ on center
Window to Core (W-E): 68’
Window to Core (N-S): 36’

Vertical Transportation

32 passenger cabs
3 freight elevators (14’ high)
1 shuttle car
11 escalators

Loading Dock

Located on W 48th Street; contains two hydraulic trucklifts (60,000 lb. capacity each). 13’h x 11’w x 49’d


A central chilled water plant comprised of one steam turbine chiller, one steam turbine with parallel electric drive, and one electric drive chiller. Perimeter zones are served by an induction system; interior zones are served by a variable air volume system.


Six watts demand load per usf. Additional capacity may be available based on demonstrated need at tenant’s cost. Sub-metered. Nine electric services, five on C3, four on 36th floor, fed from multiple Con Edison high-voltage feeders.


Wired Certified Platinum; multiple POE’s and diverse risers; 12 carriers and in-building DAS system to boost cellular reception. 


LEED Gold certified